Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Positives of TV :: Television

Many years ago, almost no one had a television set. Now there are more houses with TV than ever. There is a lot of discussion about whether television is a good or bad influence for family life. There are many negative points and also many positive ones. Now I will run through some of each. One of the first reasons why parents should limit the amount of time their children spend watching TV is that children read less and watch TV more and of course this will lead into a lack of exercise. Therefore parents should help their children watch TV and read equally. Plus encourage them to move a lot due to the increase in number of obese people and practice other activities. Another complaint is that there is too much violence and sexual reference that can be accessed easily by children, this can destroy a young child's mind easily. Watching violent television programs teaches aggressive attitudes and behaviors and the children might try to imitate the bad behavior that these programs show, and bad expression because they wants to act like them as adults by thinking this is the right thing. Moreover, parents must have control and know what programs their children are watching. TV has many positive points, as it is considered an extremely valuable machine that provides us with relaxation and education. For example, People who have been working hard all day will look forward to watch an episode of a favorite show. This period of relaxation will reduce their stress and leaves viewers refreshed and ready to take all works again. Besides it?s a good option for parents who are tried trying to entertain their kids, to sit them down in front of a cartoon to take some rest. However it must not be done frequently. Secondly, the most important point about television is getting education. Children can learn colors, numbers, and letters from programs that shows on televisions like Barney. Also, it provides us with valuable information by covering important events and current news.

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